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Margaret Glew

Margaret Glew: General Statement

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I paint out of necessity. It is as essential to me as breathing. Painting is how I think, how I understand myself, how I make sense of the world. My work is intuitive and personal, a metaphor for the emotional landscape of my life. It is full of contradictions.

My painting process does not follow a straight line. It proceeds by fits and starts, and often doubles back on itself. Forms and gestures are visited and then revisited. Colour surrenders to black and white, and then, perhaps months later, reasserts itself. Ideas that were explored and abandoned reemerge and are reexamined from a new perspective.

I like a painting to have an element of unpredictability. I want to surprise myself. I deliberately try to disrupt the surface, to unsettle myself, to provoke new ways of thinking about the work. I am never satisfied. At times the process seems random and arbitrary. Clarity is elusive, as if I am circling around a truth that I can never quite reach. If it resides anywhere, it is in the visceral, in the muck and mess and ordinariness of daily work. Progress, if it happens, is by slow circles, a kind of spiraling journey towards an unknown destination.


Margaret Glew: The Body Remembers

Painting is of the body. It is hand and eye, gesture and movement. It is thinking without words. It is memory that resides in skin and muscle and bone. It is breathing underwater. It is improbable. It is where I feel most alive.